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What surface finish will work best for my application?

Your product’s end use will determine the ideal finish. For example, if your object is expensive to manufacture and is used repeatedly, a coating such as a hard chrome buildup will improve the object’s useful life. If you desire a pleasant, shiny finish, we can provide a copper or copper/nickel/chrome finish.

Is electroplating a dangerous process?

The surface finishing industry continues to contribute positively to preserving a wide range of consumer and industrial products by controlling the effects of the finishing process through environmentally sensitive operations. The surface finishing industry has worked hand-in-hand with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to become one of […]

Why is surface finishing necessary?

The purpose of surface finishing is to provide an object with certain desirable properties that the object does not possess on its own. Surface finishing can: Improve an object’s appearance Provide corrosion and abrasion resistance Improve wear resistance Increase conductivity, solderability, and lubricity Render an item non-toxic Consequently, surface finishing can improve an object’s economy […]

Will surface finishing fill in the little pinholes and scratches on my older items?

While surface finishing can enhance an object’s surface, tiny pinholes and deep scratches will not be completely filled. Buffing, polishing, and grinding the object’s surface before finishing can go a long way toward correcting some of these surface problems.

What is surface finishing?

Surface finishing is the process of coating a metallic or plastic object with one or more layers of another metal, plastic, or paint to enhance, alter, or finish the surface with certain desired properties.