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Surface Treatments

In addition to electroplating, McDowell Enterprises uses a variety of surface treatments to achieve the best results for our customers. Some of our surface treatments include:

  • Polishing – A preparation process that enhances adherence by providing a smooth surface. Polishing allows the final finish to evenly attach to the object’s surface.
  • Passivation – The primary purpose of passivation is to remove surface embedded metallic contaminants which reduce an object’s corrosion resistance or interfere with a part’s functionality.
  • Pickling – The purpose of pickling is to remove rust (oxides) and other compounds from a metal object’s surface by immersion in acid.
  • Burnishing – Burnishing is a type of mechanical plating where smaller objects are tumbled against a metal surface in the presence of an applicable media to brighten, soften, or prepare the objects’ edges for other processes.