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McDowell Enterprises

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Metal Finishing

McDowell Enterprises specializes in various electroplating methods to produce high quality metal finishes for chromium, hard chromium, copper, gold, nickel, and zinc.

  • Chromium – A silver-white deposit used to minimize galvanic corrosion on parts or assemblies consisting of dissimilar metals such as brass and steel, and to provide corrosion protection in certain harsh environments.
  • Hard Chromium – A blue-gray deposit used to provide wear resistance on such parts as pistons, cylinders, aircraft engine parts, cutting tools, dies, oil tool parts, and valves.
  • Copper – A reddish deposit used for plating through holes on circuit boards in the electronic industry, on steel wire for making high-strength electric cable, and as a stop-off to prevent case hardening on selected areas of iron and steel surfaces.
  • Nickel – A silver-white deposit used generally on industrial products for corrosion protection, and to prevent iron contamination in the chemical, food processing, and medical industries.
  • Zinc – A silver deposit which can be colored yellow or black used to protect metals such as iron and steel against the relentless forces of corrosion.