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Environmental Controls

McDowell Enterprises has always maintained a healthy and proactive respect for the environment. When the Environmental Protection Agency mandated pollution controls for the plating industry, we promptly made a substantial investment in not one, but two, sophisticated waste pretreatment systems.

We invested heavily in a complete wastewater recycling system that reuses almost all the water used in our plating processes. The second component of our commitment to environmental control consists of a state-of-the-art air filtration system that filters any heavy metal particles out of the air before introducing that air back into the atmosphere. Both systems are constantly monitored to ensure that hazardous waste is disposed of without threat to the environment.

Furthermore, our staff of dedicated personnel are continually educated, trained, and updated on the safe handling of hazardous wastes.

Our commitment to a clean and safe environment is a substantial one, but we believe it’s well worth the price.