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McDowell Enterprises

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About Us

When Chester McDowell started McDowell Enterprises with his three sons in 1938, he  envisioned the goal of providing customers with first-rate service and high quality  electroplating and metal finishing. In the more than 70 years that followed, McDowell Enterprises has grown into one of  the leading metal finishing companies in the Midwest, and we’ve increased our  capabilities to match our customers’ needs. We’re proud of our history of providing quality metal finishing for a wide variety of  industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction hardware, electronic,  furniture, household appliance and accessory, medical, military, and tool and die. We concentrate on both small and large volume orders, providing first-rate quality and service to each of our customers. From band instruments to medical  equipment, fish hooks to trailer hitches, our customers’ products are found across  the country and around the globe. At McDowell Enterprises, we continue to consistently fulfill our motto: “We finish first for our customers . . . so they can finish first for theirs!”